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Escape from the Drow
The adventure begins

Our adventures wake up in prison cells at the bottom of a deep dungeon. Confused they work together to escape. Selfie refused to leave with them, which caused the crew to threaten to lock him back up. Upon exploring the nearby area they encountered a young Drow, Ŭnsŏ Kal, who needed help escaping the Drow cult. Darrik believed that Ŭnsŏ was trustworthy. Selfie wasn’t so sure. The group had Ŭnsŏ request to be allowed to pass to use the restroom. This thined the ranks a to a paltry few. The captain of the guard, Hyŏnu Mae, began attacking Selfie who was trying to sneak past him to the door. The door ruined this by saying “Hello there Dragonborn!” to Selfie. Nuca used explosives to take out the majority of the guards defending the magic door but Hyŏnu survived . A brutal battle ensued resulting in Hyŏnu’s demise.

The group began to speak to the door that had a statement above it that read, “Speak the password to open the door.” Darrik an avid reader of historic adventures remembered a group coming in contact with a door similar to this one. He asked Nuca, who could speak elvish, to say “password” in her native tongue. She did and the door swung open, allowing them to pass.

They promptly ran back into Ŭnsŏ, who claimed to have killed the guards who had escorted her to the restroom. Selfie was even more suspicious at this point. Ŭnsŏ led the group up the catacombs to near the exit. The group explored some of the rooms leading up to a ritual chamber that stood between them and freedom. In the rooms they found some interesting objects. Some dangerous, others valuable.

Using quick thinking, Nuca used some explosives she had and tied them to her crossbow bolts and lauched them at the cultests in the middle of a ritual. This allowed the group to escape without having to fight there way out.

Free at last, the group has to decide where to go from here. It is near dusk. The sun is beginning to set and they see swamps all around them. to the west there are tall mountians. They look difficult to cross. Ŭnsŏ tells them that Ramar is too the south and she is willing to guide them there. The group agrees and the begin their journey south.


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