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  • Chulak

    Chulak, nation of the Dragonborn, is located in the center of [[Marvee | Marvee]]. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides. The Dragonborn of Chulak use the surrounding mountains for defense and have many forts built into the mountains to defend the …

  • Flana

    The City of Flames, Flana is an entire city set to the mountains closest to the dessert in the West. The entire city is devoted to mastering the Fotnoi and other forms of fire. It is mainly occupied by Fotnoi, but others are allowed to live there as well. …

  • Vrastr

    Vrastr is in the south east of [[Chulak | Chulak]], near the Kulta Vuoret and one of the main fortress cities for the war. Vrastr is named after one of the greatest Astrnoi ever known. His breath was as powerful as a lightning bolt if not more so. With it …

  • Kostra Rapi

    Kostra Rapi is a stone lightning dragon one of the five leaders of [[Chulak | Chulak]]. lighting breather, foundation of council. oldest of the council

  • Sidiro Meno

    Molten forge, greatest forger of diamonds in [[Chulak | Chulak]]. the one who found ways to negate the shattering of diamond when hit with hammers. This discovery improved the results of combat with the Dwarfs who favored hammers for their effectiveness …

  • Kyrge Tro

    Master general of [[Chulak | Chulak]], member of the council. Leads war against the Dwarfs. poison breather.

  • Pagix Rakas

    Ice breather, owns most of the coal mines in [[Chulak | Chulak]], member of the council. The wealthiest of the council members. occasionally assists in war efforts.

  • Tykon Noix

    Acid breather, member of council. cruel and viscous. master of covert intelligence. Attacks and captures members of the other races for intelligence information.

  • Kyrsae

    master fort. Set in the North West of [[Ramar | Ramar]]. Only military fort in [[Ramar | Ramar]]. Defends [[Ramar | Ramar]] from invaders and skirmishes. Mainly Dragonborn, Orcs, and Goblins.

  • Rusidiro

    Forge section of [[Eolian | Eolian]]. Where metals are made from ores and made into tools. Popular place for dwarves and Dragonborn to live and work.

  • Mishi

    Warrior district. Many Orcs, goblins, and Dragonborn reside here to hone their combat abilities. Many masters of different arts of combat train here. Dwarfs come to create art works from their different forms of combat. Dwarfs of [[Ramar | Ramar]] are …

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